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Hand Painted Traditional Signage & Painted Murals

Traditional signwriting & murals are those that are hand painted onto a surface, for example a wall and they can be either external or internal.

With today’s technology there are many ways of producing murals, including digitally printing them on self adhesive vinyl and sticking them to the desired surface. This though is not always possible, and there are many applications where digital printing and self adhesive vinyl would not be appropriate.

We at A1 Signs & Designs and graphics specialise in the art of hand painting with over 30 years experience. This will ensure that you will have yourself a long lasting impression, hand painted, for years to come!

We signwrite bright fluorescent signs and sale windows, Christmas messages and relocation signs for shopfronts and businesses. Signwriting when used for large scale jobs on walls, billboards and buildings or banners can be more cost effective and extremely durable. We can advise you on the best way to do your next sign project!